How many molecular functions were swiped up by dust rags from behind the cookie jar, thesis statements spun around mixing bowls with room temperature butter and vanilla, legal challenges that couldn’t escape Monday’s mopping even tucked under the bottom edge of the cabinet, peace-talks threaded and stitched into new curtains, full minds swept the front porches before 8am each day, soothed teething infants while daydreaming in binary

The spring I graduated college
she took my hand
in one of hers
told me she was
so proud
of her granddaughters
of how free we were
free of our wombs

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Poetry is my caffeine. My many roles in life (so far) have included teacher, school counselor, bookmobile driver, furniture factory worker, volunteer coordinator, daughter, aunt, wife, mother, reader and writer. My book Buried in the Suburbs was published in 2018 by Woodley Press (2019 Kansas Notable Book Award. My chapbook Domesticated: Poetry from Around the House was published in 2015 (Finishing Line Press). For a complete list of publications see

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