What is Life?

What is life
If not an eager wait for tulips
Faithful in their return
To unfold their petals to the world’s embrace?

We yearn for the sun’s warm touch,
Its golden fingers on our faces
And the earth’s steady heartbeat beneath our feet.

What is life
but to witness those we cherish,
Thrive and flourish like the ancient trees,
And to cherish their laughter, etched with joy?

This life is meant for authenticity,
For love to flow like a gentle river,
For us to wade in its depths, unafraid.

To be
To honor each passing second,
As a sacred gift, not to be squandered,
But treasured like a rare and precious gem.

What is life
If not a dance of growth,
A journey to shed our limiting shells,
And embrace the truth of our wild essence?

What is life
A grand and wondrous tale.
This very moment, my beloveds, is life!
Live it boldly, without hesitation.

Live it with considerable purpose,
Both fierce and tender,
For life is fleeting, like a shooting star,
And we, mere stardust in this cosmic dance.

Live it well, beautiful ones - Live it well.

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About the Author

Hilka is a Minnesota native, who made Eureka Springs her home in 2014. She is a self- taught artist that works in various mediums- oils, acrylics, watercolor – all reflective of her mindset. She also writes poetry and short stories to fulfill her creative soul. Her work has been described as eclectic because she tends to paint & write from instinct instead of expectation. She enjoys working outside of her comfort zone and expressing herself through art & writing , which is always evolving.