The Farmer’s Daughter

A farmer's girl
Pure as a pearl
Lives in your house
Soft as a mouse

She feeds the lambs
Sweet apple jam
And smiles and laughs
With small giraffes

And every night
The moon so bright
She falls asleep
in untouched sheets.

She floats in shade
Has never laid
On wooden floor
Or heard the roar

Of vicious men
Who steal the hens
And use their hoes
To take the rose

Until one night
There was a fright;

An eager bark
The moon went dark
A cold breeze blew,
White curtains flew
And woke her up.

Tip-toe gallop
To the window
A boy below
Reached for her hand,
A high demand.

Reluctant yes,
Happy princess
Descended down
Oh no, her crown!
Ca-blim, ca-blam!
An open clam
A cling, a clang

A silent bang

Your smiling swan
Forever gone.

You may feel sad,
But don’t feel bad;
Ev’ryone cries

When the farmers’

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