The baseball cap doesn’t hide enough
pulled down low, brim almost touching
your chin, bulging backpack brandished
like a shield. I can barely see you.
The classroom isn’t large enough
for you to sit as far back as you would like
What secrets are concealed
by a monochrome wardrobe, always black.
Is that faraway look turned outward
or inward? Do you gaze into the future
or the past? And what of this moment?

Use this. If
the cap does not consume you and
the backpack does not give you osteosclerosis
your strength could be towering.
We are who we wish to be.

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William Bernhardt is the author of over forty books, including Challengers of the Dust, the bestselling Ben Kincaid series of courtroom novels, the Red Sneaker books on fiction writing, the Shine young adult series, and two books of poetry, most recently The Ocean's Edge. He lives in Oklahoma with his wife novelist Lara Bernhardt and their children.

William Bernhardt
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