Three Fables


Teacher Goose told Piglet: “Please,
write on the board your 33’s!”

Piglet went, but stood stock still.
“Ready then? Write what you will.”

Piglet stood there feeling his worst,
“I just don’t know which 3 goes first!”

The Plane

In a plane in the clouds so high,
some read; some sleep –at least they try.

A pup is playing with a ball;
it hits a piglet, pink and small.

So the pig says, “It’s a long ride.
Stretch your legs and play outside!”


This little Piggy went to the store
to buy a parachute and nothing more.

The Stork clerk said, full of pride,
“This will give you a wonderful ride.
Like all our goods, it’s guaranteed.
We stand behind our product, indeed!

If it doesn’t work as it is tasked,
we will exchange it, no questions asked.”

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About the Author

For 45 years, Ferit Lamaj, has been writing fables. 120 books published and more than 7,000 fables written. He is already regarded as “An Albanian Aesop” in his country. His fables have been translated and published into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Greek. A recipient of awards in Albania and abroad.