There is in Me

There is in me a powerful creature
Who WALKS TALL and deliberate
A high noon old west Sheriff
Who doesn’t need to wear a star to know she is one.

There is in me a powerful creature
Who NEEDS NOT raise her voice 
To raise the bar, the vibration, 
The expectation of kindness and transparency.

There is in me a powerful creature
Whose mind is CALM; her thoughts are truth arrows. 
Piercing fear, understanding floods the dank recess of confusion
Like a hundred heat lamps in the basement
Burning away the old mold.

There is in me a powerful creature
Who STANDS in her place without apology, without anger.
Planted, roots deep, calm palms sunward,
She is taking up all the space meant for her 
And by doing so, offers shade.

 There is in me a powerful creature
Who is NOT AFRAID of the opinions of people
More interested in color-commentating
Everyone else’s soul battles, rather than fighting their own.

There is in me a powerful creature
who SPEAKS for those who cannot or will not
Including her own bruised and brow-beat heart.

When necessary TRUTH is demanding an audience, 
She offers the floor of her tongue, the roof of her mouth. 
The service of her lips WILL NOT CEASE
Until Truth has had her say.

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ERIN MCGRANE is an actress, musician, author, and professional development mentor. Erin appears in the Oscar-nominated film UP IN THE AIR alongside George Clooney and is known for her unforgettable cabaret and musical performances. Currently, Erin is authoring a spoken-word poetry project set to original music exploring anxiety, isolation, and hope. Erin was honored in KC Magazine’s "The 100: People who Make Life Better in KC" and is proud to say she misspent her youth singing in a rock band.

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