The Ugly, The Bad, and The Despicable


Castle by the shores of the sea,
Sea of blood tainted the precious silk,
Silk of deceit woven in lies,
Lies here great tragedy of the greed,

The sheep herded in circle, blindfolded,
Blind, oblivious of the wolf pack,
The wolf cunning, rotten, merciless,
With mercy of Thou, would they perish,

Puppets are at the disposal, ready,
Ready to be played to the tune of power,
Power so potent, they emerged a saint,
Saint or Leprechaun herded the pot of gold?


Democracy is all but functioning and fair,
Killed by the one at the top and below,
To whom should it serve? To whom should it work for?
Like a weapon, obey to the command of the wielder,

A gentle breeze is, but a deadly blow,
For verbal punches are just that, powerless,
Useless against the devils whose words are the law,
For once be fierce, be courageous, my fellows.


Black smokes engulf the city, the whole nation, painted them all in ash black.
A speck of light gleaming like moonlight, shines up above the dark sky.
The reflection of the sun it’s not, but the dazzle of castles of precious stones.
The heavenly beings, untouchable by the worldly plight, flaunting their ornate robes to the pheasants.

Sitting on their thrones, built with lies and deceit with no ounce of shame.
Heart is a big diamond, in the colour of ruby, cold and hard to touch.
Blessed with silver spoons and golden wings, scoffed at the weeping peasants’ bowl.
For the lowly beings’ tears are worth less than the water dripped from the eaves.

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About the Author

Syakina Nour is an engineering graduate that has finally found her real passion in writing. While she is an emotional person at heart, she enjoys the intellectual quality and straightforwardness of modern poetry written by some of the excellent poets from that era such as W.H Auden, T.S Eliot and W.B Yeats. Now, she lives in Malaysia with her family and spends most of her time trying to make her dream of becoming a writer into reality, a cup of tea at a time.