The Sun Rises Twice

Six days of the week,
The sun rises once.
On Tuesdays, though,
The sun rises twice.

You work that day
At the Senior Care Center.
Each Tuesday morning,
My darkness lifts.

The moment I see you,
A second sun clears
My horizon of night –
For today, I feel alive.

Your welcoming smile,
Your near-giddy voice,
Your lustrous eyes,
Issue a galaxy’s fill
Of ten billion suns.

Then six long days
Of total eclipse.
When on Tuesdays, I return,
You are there –
If just for today,
The sun rises twice.

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About the Author

Howard F. Stein is an applied, psychoanalytic, medical, and organizational anthropologist, psychohistorian, organizational consultant, and poet. He has published numerous articles, chapters, and books. He has published eleven books and chapbooks of poetry, of which the most recent are Presence - Poems from Ghost Ranch (2020), Centre and Circumference (2018), and Light and Shadow ( 2018).

Howard Stein
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