The Shore of Santa Monica

Waves devour waves
Creeping towards the dirty sand
Erasing our tracks
Like the thousands before us.
But still, the sea holds
Memory of our footprints,
Just as the grit clings
To the rough soles of our feet –
We scatter the sea
Once we leave, oh once we leave.

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About the Author

Anna dwells in the forests and hills of Northwest Arkansas, accompanied by her cat, Pippin. She received her BA in Professional-Technical Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock – but her true passion is creative writing. Throughout her journey as a storyteller, Anna has published both memoirs and poetry. When she is not writing, she is often found reading, drawing, or playing video games. Anna is currently working on a dark-fantasy book series, which involves dragons, Druids, and a world woven by fate.

Anna Robertson
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