People Staying Busy

A buzz tells you
The nest has set

New hands so full of blood
Cinched by them and tasting of old times

It was whisked

When they miss you
And all

Turned upside down

My eyes are all bigger and smaller
The time passes like glass in every form


Acid has been growing in my bowl
And in my angles

Even with all this fluff
All of this tough softness

It could drain out of my sockets
With chin tilted upwards

You will eat spinach
In the night

To avoid the numbers
And the four girls

And pour ginger
Into every opportunity

Running with foreheads challenging one wall
Feet hitting the firmament in time

Already having found the reasons
To keep burning up

And searching to find the method of measurement
That lets my brain sleep the most

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About the Author

Violet Treadwell Hull is a multimedia artist studying studio art at UCLA. They most predominantly work with themes of bodily autonomy and the power structures that lie within physical interaction. Their writing is a synonymous practice with their visual art-making as they inform and propel one another.

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