Of All the Sorrows

Of all sorrow that can’t be shared
Grief is the upper most
That loss of precious life
The connection that ends
The wire sparking in the wind
I cannot show you my grief
I cannot see yours
It is salt in a solution
A part of your whole
Touching all of you with
the smiles, the laughter
the heartfelt talks
that belonged to two people alone
now belonged to one
You cannot share that intimacy
You can never again show anyone
The life
That life
Playing it’s self in your mind in your heart
The shape of the breath
of the memory in your hands
Your empty hands are all I see
That is the sorrow of grief

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About the Author

I am a self taught poet. I been writing poetry since I was a child. I love capturing moments in time and mind and applying them to paper. I helped to produce and publish two volumes of poetry in Eureka Springs called Ledges, which were published in 1991 and 1992. I attended the Ozark Poets and Writers group in Fayetteville Arkansas for many years. The comradery and friendships I found there help me grow as a poet. I am now working at The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow.