Mrs. Santa Clauses

Claus One

Lockdown coffee cake
it never rains in southern California
or so I had heard it said…
until refraction
concern crisp and clean,
& cannot be swept or hid

Claus Two

a metaphor for a woman un-satiated
starched jeans & buttoned down
collared shirts for IVY LEAGUE boys
to play foolish games
& pretend ‘it all came undone’ after 21

Claus Three

Upside down collard greens,
if you new who knows who,
words are like motor oil
for advice eclipsed nights

when your god is too small
and excelling is a habit
choose to ignore editorial demands

write it down if you must,
if waiting broke the bridge
You were not built to break

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About the Author

Kansas City native Erikka Dunn is a performing artist and aspiring social entrepreneur who is invested in creative projects and community interest rooted in faith, family, and freedom that forward peace-building efforts across diverse communities.