McKean County

Music in the sky, the hills—
clouds make music too.
Keep listening. There’s music
everywhere—rivers, lakes,
a forest, a clearing. There’s
nothing that’s not music.

Can you hear the wild?
Open yourself to everything
underneath. There’s
nothing that’s not music—
the dirt, the rocks,
your history on earth.

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About the Author

Ken Waldman combines original poetry, old-time string-band music, and smart storytelling for a performance uniquely his. Touring since 1995, he's appeared from the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage to the Dodge Poetry Festival to the Woodford Folk Festival (Queensland, Australia). 20 books consist of 16 full-length poetry volumes, a memoir, a creative writing manual, a kids' book, and his 2022 novel, Now Entering Alaska Time. Twelve CDs include two for children.

Ken Waldman
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