Lightfoot Lives On

His voice floats
across the airwaves,
knowing no bounds.
The Canadian bard’s lyrics
journey across the world.
A comforting melody
surrounds your soul
on long, lonely roads
where the sun will never go down.
Ships and trains forever carry stories
from a mind only partially indexed,
rolling down a highway of sound waves
towards an eternity of light.

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About the Author

D.L. Lang served as Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She is published in over 60 anthologies worldwide. She is a co-founder of Vallejo Poetry Society and a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade. She received proclamations from the California State Senate, California Arts Council, and Vallejo City Council for her service as poet laureate. When she isn’t performing or writing poetry, she enjoys bird watching, listening to 60s/70s music, and attending live music events.

D. L. Lang
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