I Hear of the Mockingbirds Songs No More

by Thadeus Emmanuel

Where has the morning mockingbird gone with its songs—
Those exciting rhythm and blues of melodious symphonies?
For I hear no more of their mellowing whispers;
that comes through my open window panes at every dawn,
When the cooling gentle breeze of the morning blows.
Or was it all a lonely wandering music maker;
That has lost its home to the glooms of the day,
And now left with the cold; that shows no mercy
Even at its fluffing feathers to catch the warm?
Or was it all a lonely lost mockingbird
Making vocal concerts on the balcony of anxiety,
And now waiting for a loved one to lead its way home?
Perhaps, if for these reasons the mockingbird sings no more
Tell it my restless mornings have missed its sounds;
Those exciting rhythm and blues of melodious symphonies.

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About the Author

Thadeus Emmanuel is a writer, poet, and a critic. He is a student of Economics at the Taraba State University, Jalingo, Taraba State. His articles and poems has over the years gathered reader's sensation, and have appeared—or are forthcoming—in Journal of Expressive Writing and Synchronized Chaos.