I am Dreaming, I am Dying

I am dreaming I am traveling
I am dreaming a road
A new installment in a series
of recurring dreams, I recognize
some turns, intersections, landmarks.

My map lost, I rely on dead reckoning
I have no destination, only to understand
where I am. The horizon edges into sky.

My fear rises, metallic until the road
reminds me it is just a road

I am dreaming I am climbing
I am dreaming a mountain
rising faster than I can scale.

My magical limbs stretch and grab on.
Cartoon boulders expand and roll,
mountainside approaching vertically.
Until I am falling backwards,
now gently into air so soft it smiles.
It is just a falling. It is just a mountain.

I am dreaming of an opening into
a kaleidoscope of everything. I can see all
of a generation coming in together, a layering tide
just as native councils have taught.

We are travelers aligned in ways we have
not known. On roads, mountains, passages.
I float in gratitude that I can see
this moment that is forever.

I am dreaming I am dying
I am dreaming a gateway.

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About the Author

Kathryn Lorenzen is a career coach, creativity coach, singer/songwriter, and poet. Her songs have appeared in feature films and TV series including The Americans and Last Man On Earth. In partnership with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, she is co-leader of Your Right Livelihood, and you can find her songs on most streaming services.