Haiku from Summer Walks

A little sunshine
Peeking through the dark thick clouds
Hope for a clear day.

On a cloudy day
Pleased to hear the birds singing
Birds sang joyfully.

Rays of sunshine
Lights up the environment
Pinks and golden rays.

Walking in the fog
Singing birds and deer eating
One is not alone.

Red creeping tendrils
Climbing healthy tree trunk
Suffocating tree.

Warm summer morning
A slight breeze keeping me cool
Vultures like to soar.

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About the Author

She is a writer, artist, photographer and gardener, and has written and published eight books. All are sold through Amazon. Five of the books are about Eureka Springs and two are about the early Indigenous People of Arkansas. Her recent book is Conspiracy in Mars. She is Professor Emeritus at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, having taught for twenty-four years.