From the Earth to the Stars

Hiking in the woods on a cool morning.
I’m glad now that I decided
to pull on a second shirt.

The black dog is finding scents of wild things.
The sun is finding limestone ledges,
Gnarled tree roots and cushions of mosses.

This autumn morning
In the early dark
I saw Orion rising above the trees.

The world comes round right when Orion returns
To stretch out across the winter night sky
And the millennia.

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About the Author

Lynn lives with her husband in a house that he built, where the edge of town meets the edge of the woods. She was raised in a big city, and now finds peace and inspiration walking the dog and hiking the trails near her home. The birding is wonderful, trees abundant, water plentiful. Lynn practices Yoga, shares what she learns with others and can't imagine aging without it. Lynn and her husband share the endless love in their hearts with their son, their daughter, their son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and their granddaughter.

Lynn Packham Larson
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