For A., Who Asked for a Flippant Metapoem

Ask for less - for instance, verse
Used in psych wards wadded air-
Tight with gauche meter and (worse)
Uppercase semaphores…or

Maybe ask more of me, my
Noisy neighbor in this craft,
Knowing my best sounds were theft -
Endless grifted syllabi.

Insights, be they yours or mine,
Seem too fresh to trust, divine
Subjects too far down our roads,
Steep as they are. But it bodes

Less daunting, my friend, that when
A line comes to you it's quick,
Unduly so. One would think
God itself lit up your pen

Here between classes or on
That westbound train vacation
Eagerly reading lovesick
Rhythms you've proven will stick.

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About the Author

Laurence Foshee is a Tulsa, Oklahoman with poetry and prose in Dragon Poet Review, The Drabble, The Tulsa Review, and a forthcoming Oklahoma anthology honoring the memory of The Greenwood District. When not reading and writing poetry, his work in patient transport during the entire first year of the Covid-19 pandemic has driven him to resume pre-health studies and pursue osteopathic medicine. He hopes to find commonalities in helping others within these disparate, higher callings.

Laurence Foshee
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