First Visit to Eureka

Ancient geologic benches
back to steep-sided hills.
Tenacious homes perch
among persistent springs
of healing waters.
Softly lit fog swirls
amid Fall’s tapestry of
rust, red, golds, greens
and browns.
I paused here to
take in Earth’s
silent testimony to
the flow of Eternity.

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About the Author

Peggy Harris Dionne grew up as an Air Force dependent and lived in many places around the globe. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Denver, with a B.A. in History, and Texas A & M Commerce, Texas, with a Masters in Psychology and Special Education. She taught elementary and special education students for seven years and is a retired Air Force officer. She loves to ramble the back roads of this country, researching family history, exploring art, fiber arts and music, reading, hiking, and discovering new things. She and her husband and son live in Colorado.