Fade Out

I’m Mrs. Right when everyone else has gone wrong
I am your Peace when no one is getting along
Your safe place when you feel like you don’t belong
A refuge in weakness – I am your strong.

Then I start to fade out

Do you even miss me?
Do you remember how hungry
You were for my help, so damn thirsty?
I’ve always put you firstly, shown you mercy.

Now your thirst is quenched so you good
Cast aside until there’s smoke under the hood
Then you calling me back 'cause you could
Always there because I promised I would (be)

Until you need me to fade out...

I remind you of the demons once inside
I’m like a silhouette to the shadows that reside
Giving you PTSD so instead of seek you hide
For fucks sake I’m human too, don’t cast me aside

I don’t want to fade out.

I know my best quality is generosity but also honesty
So I tell the truth to myself for the first time, I am a wannabe
Living a life of hypocrisy, not what I wanna be
My empathy is not all of me, and I had none for me.

I learn to control the fade out

It took way too long but the haze is clearing
I’m starting to see I’ve never done my own steering
So I’m taking the wheel and commandeering
Keep your eyes on the fog because I’ll be reappearing.

And this version will have no fade out

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About the Author

My parents were young, divorced, broken people who raised me to do better than them. They wanted me to go to college and make lots of money. Instead got married at 19, had 5 kids before 30 and never finished school because I'm a rebel for one, and people have always been more important than things to me. I feel deeply and write passionately and hope that someone can relate to my writing and know they aren't alone, therefore, I also have company in this madness we call life.

Jessica Hannon
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