The stones are curling, against all probability, against gravity struggling for supremacy.
You know this, that stones are malleable, stuffed in or under or wrapped around
Impediments or monuments, talismans by which to recall pain,
recall spells they claimed to cast
rituals they buried deep.
The stones change shape at will, not something you control although your
itch to do so, to control a small pebble, control the mountain, control the avalanche.
But long ago stones came and tamed
a stretch of flat land that grew pipe dreams and bloody railroad tracks
Stones that walked and sat and changed their
fled their traces Until only their eyes showed. Finale:
before they walked away stones left you a stony path. A simple hit on the constellations,
a star that refused to point any way but true north. Your
knows that stones curl, the better to listen in, the better to tear apart,
the better to

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About the Author

Sherri C. Perry is the author of Venn, a collection of short stories, published by Mockingbird Lane Press in 2014 and Letters to Cadence, Musings of a Modern Grandmother, released in October 2016. Her stories and poetry have been featured in numerous literary journals.

Sherri C. Perry
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