Children of the Trees

Open the door step outside, and feel the brisk
morning breeze strike your skin. A chill grabs
hold of your fingers and within seconds it has 
traveled through your entire being.  Take a deep 
breath and the scents of autumn wrap and 
embrace you.  With eyes still closed you see 
the children of the trees lying on the cold damp 
ground.  Some will soon travel away at the hands
of the northern wind while others will wait to be covered
by a blanket of snow.  Trees stand naked bearing their
knots and scars for the world to see as they prepare for
a month's long sleep. The darkness of winter will depart
with the brightness of Spring. Cradles of seeds and blossoms
will sprout upon the once-bare branches of yesterday.
newborn children will grow and the adolescence of bright
green abound throughout the land. Heavens tears will 
nurture their growth, and streams of crystal-clear water will 
also flow.  The reflections of the cycle of life come to 
be seen. The world moves so fast and all that breathes 
will grow and soon the children of the trees will lay
on the ground in wait for what will come to be. 

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About the Author

After 31 years in banking, John (he/him) retired to follow his dream of owning a hotel in Southeast Asia. This led to many new experiences enabling John to see the world through a different lens, leading him to write his story through essays, poetry, and a yet unpublished memoir. John’s work has appeared in Native Skin, Runamok Books/Growerly, Post Roe Alternatives, Fleas on the Dog, OMQ, Disabled Tales, Unlikely Stories, and many others.

John Ganshaw
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