A Table Governed by Phantasm

All forsaken figures dispense drinks with it
In trivial routineness with a slovenly bodach
But littlest to the next on the devour table.
In succession to shepherd’s pie, Cornish pasty
Teeth mechanisms crush ties near to tongues
And beast deepens its digestion with bile juice.
The aprons stitched with white rose’s fashion
Like chalk and cheese names on a radio cast
None a synonym voiced for the paranormal.
Fail to recall the prayers, O Lord, Amen Father
Stone deaf remain words of heed, mind, wishes
Only sinful bloating reverberates the housing.
The timepiece clicks, so do the cell dials’ rings
Ear-splitting goes jarring by forks on eardrums
Baby sitting by spook spills a dark night distance.
The feet glued to hidden air under drugget on tiles
Heads rotating to the western devious enshrines
Drilling partitions on a table governed by phantasm.

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About the Author

Sonali Sharma belongs to Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. She is a postgraduate in environmental studies from Panjab University Chandigarh, India. She is also a published poet and writer. Her poems have appeared in the Indian Periodical, Indian Ruminations, Indus Woman Writing, International Human Rights Art Festival (NY), Kali Project: Indian Women’s Voices (US), Femasia (UK), Our Poetry Archive (US), Period (Netherlands), and Setu (Pittsburgh).